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Verbatims from the Peanut Gallery

Curated Quotes

Examinations of a black walnut:

“It’s called a porcupine because if you touch it, it’ll pork you.”

After sampling chili:

“I don’t like that because it spices my tongue”

“Lasterday” = Yesterday

“Does an antelope like to eat cantaloupe?”

Evening after a dentist appointment:

6-year-old: "Mom I need some fleece."

Me: "Some what?"

6-year-old: "You know, some fleece for my teeth –to string them with."

Me (reaching for dental floss): "Oh, you mean floss?"

6-year-old: "Yeah that stuff so I can fleece my teeth."

Gathering the troops to go for a walk:

5 ½-year-old, leading the way: “Is everybody ready to rumble?”

3 ½-year-old toddler, doing her best to follow the leader: “Yep. Rumble and stumble.”

On the concept of time:

Me: "Miss Brenda will come next week."

5-year-old: "Excuse me, Mama, but when is next week?"

4-year-old describes summertime temperature as “sweatin’ hot.”

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04 ott 2021

My favorite? My 5 & 3 YO granddaughters have created the word hanitizer. Sign of the times.

Mi piace
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