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black and white  image of young girl with bad short haircut and two aunts and cousin circa 1964
School classroom photo with author seated center in Girl Scouts uniform, circa 1970
black and white photo of nervous and annoyed looking child in swimsuit, shower cap and rubber with laundry hanging in backyard circle 1962
mom with young children
Proud mom with daughters
Mom holding baby boy with two daughters in coordinating dark flowered summer dresses on church steps
awkward birthday cake with 3 children from 1966
family at high school graduation
nervous-looking child in pajamas with striped santa hat circa 1962
family at high school graduation
mom holding frog as curious children and husband look on
overlapping color photos of nervous and annoyed author
Best possible image of Nervous and Annoyed author Bonnie Jaeckel

As a first-born, during her early years in Upstate NY, Bonnie had no choice other than to listen to her mother. Not being allowed to do much and not having much to do gave her a lot of time to think, setting up a lifelong habit. 

After enjoying 10 exciting years in NYC advertising agencies she began wishing for simple things like a car and a backyard grill, did the unthinkable and  returned home to Rochester NY.


Grateful to become a mother, she attempted balancing motherhood while surviving in corporate advertising and marketing, which often required muting her voice. A keen observer, writer and storyteller, she captured her ideas in her kids' half-used notebooks.


Bonnie looks at everyday events most people ignore and sees them from a ridiculous yet relatable point of view, all fueled by neurons on high alert. 


With her husband, she has two grown daughters and a son, two dogs and plenty of raw material. Her world seems normal, but it's not. 


Just ask and she'll tell you all about it.


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