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Evan Dawson/Connections/WXXI

I attended Listen to Your Mother in 2019 to see and listen to my friend Jane Knickerbocker. Inspired by the performance, I thought: "Wow, that takes guts.  I'd never do that".

Fast forward to February 2020, when I happened to see the call for entries and thought:  "What if?"  Knowing I had stories to tell, I submitted a piece.  Surprised to get called in for an audition, I figured it would be a low-risk fail, and so was pretty surprised to be given a place among talented, published, recorded, creative and award-winning cast members.

Listen To Your Mother was the motivation for creating this site.  I had been writing secretly into a closet for years, and decided to let it out.

Many thanks for the support and enthusiastic encouragement of the producers of LTYM Rochester: Erin Julian, Christine GreenTaylor Terrance, Jane Knickerbocker and Terri Knapp Pease.


Shout out and a thank you to Walt Way for dubbing me a "Thug"--which took me by surprise!!!  ❤🌹🌹❤

First ever Radio Interview with cast members:

Live Show Video:

  • October 9, 2021:  Blood, Sweat, Mother's Milk + Tears at Listen to Your Mother Rochester

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