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Not My Favorite Thing

Sometimes pieces fall together in a way you’d never imagine. This is one of my (well-thought-out) reasons for overthinking things: Because often the things that seem simple at first, play out big down the road.

It began, innocently enough, with a bad memory for passwords and the unrelenting need to change them.

Just to be clear: I have no access to, nor interest in, deploying nuclear weapons, or hacking into anything. (I am at my technical limits with simply attempting to manage my email Inbox and maintain my ever-expanding digital files of flower and dog photos.) Yet the voracious daily demand for passwords — required to do everyday things — would make you think otherwise.

Luckily, I have discovered one thing that sticks like magic to the over-used Velcro of my memory: Colorful l@ngu@ge!

So, when after a very frustrating 35 minutes trying to help sort out my IT problem, the technician at my office announced he would have to “remote in” (meaning take the wheel) to my computer, he asked for my password.


“Maam, I’m trying to help you here. I just need your password please.”

“$hithe@d” I repeat.

“I know you're frustrated and I’m sorry but we’re not going to be able to move forward unless I can have your password.”

“I am telling you my password and it is: ‘$hithe@d’.”

Finally, he understood, we had a good laugh, and got on with the business of getting my computer unstuck.

Hey, I’m just working with what I have here to get through my day and remember my d@mn password.

And no, I did not make my next password “U $hithe@d2”.


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